The Blessed Hearth

The Blessed Hearth


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Farm Journal 7

Good afternoon dear hearts.. 
Just a quick little post for you while I am waiting on my laundry.. 
Hope you are all well and enjoying the last days of summer.. 
So sad.. 
I want to hang onto her coat tails.. grin.. 
They do say that our Maritime Fall is to be very warm and nice so that is lovely if it happens..  

I have posted some pics that has been taken since my last time on here.. 
We are like you sweet people.. 
Being at the farm and making and doing and running the roads.. 
Lots of pickling going on.. 
The gardens are wonderful and the herbs are calling my name each morning when I let the dog out.. lol.. 
I heeded the basil and did a bit of pesto.. 
It looks messy but will freeze in nice little squares and pack them in the freezer for the winter.. 
Love adding it to spaghetti, soups, tomato sandwiches, salad dressings and the like... 
Do you make pesto? 

Made lots of dill bean pickles and canned a lot.. 
Green Beans are one of our fave vegetables and are also lovely added to soups.. 

We have been to the cottage much more often this summer then last.. 
The last time down we had a gorgeous humongous wind.. 
Terry was away and when he came upstairs to bed he said the curtains were straight out and I was all wrapped up like I was in my nest.. The window was up as far as it would go and I was loving every moment.. That was when he decided to sleep in another bed and in another room.. lol.. It was fun!  We also had an evening down by the waves listening to them crash to and fro while we ate a dish of homecut frenchfries from a new take out there.. 
All covered up in throws and snacking away was so much fun.. 
So glad he mostly enjoys my bad weather love affair.. grin.. 

When we came home I made a couple of loaves of Artisan Bread.. 
One was for a gift for a young fellow at our church but he wasn't there on Sunday.. So we had them both.. smile.. 

The wind has been rather fierce at the farm too and disabled our flag.. AGAIN.. So up goes Mr. Superflag.. 
All fixed but not without a bit of praying, as always.. 

God is so faithful, isn't he?? 
Not just in the big things but in the little everyday normal things.. 
And answers us so personally that we know that it is from the Lord because who else knows all about us like He does.. 

We all face troubled times even during the best days of our lives.. 
Life is life and we have our trials.. 
This week the Lord brought back to my memory an old chorus we used to sing when I was just a kid.. 

It went like this.. 
He will calm the troubled waters of your soul.. 
Takes your broken heart and make it whole.. 
When the storms of this life seem dark and cold.. 
He will calm the trouble waters .. 
The dark troubled waters of your soul... 

And he does.. 
He grants us peace that can only come from him..
When we put our trust in the fact that He does all things well..  

The trouble might not be anymore then a couple of broken trucks or overwhelmed by all one has to accomplish in a day but He can pour the sweet oil of peace over us and give us our joy...  

God bless you sweet hearts and will be back as soon as I am able... 

Hope to hear from you all.. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Farm Journal 6 and such..

Hello there dear hearts... 
So glad you could drop by but even happier that I could!  grin.. 
We have not been at home long enough to post for a few weeks but here I am... smile.. 

Just another farm journal post about our days on the farm and such.. 
It has turned a bit busy with garden produce being brought into the kitchen daily.. 
So love this time of year.. 
I had made up in my mind not to do so much preserving this year but you know how it is with the best laid plans... 

Did a bit of  sewing... 

Just a a set of curtains to cover a closet door way.. 

Then made some Rose Petal Jelly.. 

It had a lovely colour and tastes like rose petals... 

Made two batches of current jelly.. 
I am hoping to mix the current jelly with my homemade chilli sauce for meatballs.. 
Have any of you tried that recipe.. 
It calls for grape jelly but I think this will work.. I will let you know.. 
Finished the chilli sauce the other night.. 

The plants are doing very well.. 
I think they like the lighting at the farm house... 

Been having some sweet company... 
A bit shy perhaps?  grin.. 

They can always find something to do there.. 
Love having grandsons visit!

A view of Terry's garden from the road.. 
It seems to grow more every day.. 

I think I showed you the Scarlet Runners before.. Sorry.. 

Enjoying our farm meals.. 
Green beans, new potatoes, cucumbers, swiss chard and such.. 

The cows keep us company at times.. 
They change from pasture to pasture so they are not always in sight.. 

Making all kinds of pickles.. 

Dills are the favourite one, I think.. 

Tomatoes are really growing.. 
Have to make some chow.. 

Pickling Salad.. 

Aunt Eva's old fashioned Golden Glow... 

Sunflowers are across the bottom of his garden.. 

We went for a day to Alma..

Love love the Bay of Fundy.. 

You all know this place... 

The old cottage in St. Martins.. 
We have been able to go more this summer then last.. 
Spend a night or two here and there.. 
Charlie seems to enjoy it there... 
So much cooler then here.. 

He enjoys his walks.. 
So does Terry.. smile.. 

Lots of cukes.. 

Tansy to dry ... 

After supper drives.. 


Summer is coming to a close.. 
So sorry to say.. 
But time does not stop for anyone and the season will be changing.. 

Planning on having a big yard sale at the shop in St. Martins Labour Day weekend.. 
The two places are full of stuff and needs to go.. 
If you are in the area please drop by.. 
It is right on Main Street... 

Thanks for visiting and sorry I am in a hurry but the laundry needs folded and supper made... 

Enjoy the Lord's Day tomorrow.. 

God bless... 
Chat soon... xoxo

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Farm Journal 5

Happy Saturday everyone.. 
Here we are almost the end of July and I still don't feel like Summer has really begun.. Do you?  
We have had hot days but this past week felt so much like Fall especially during the nights.. 

I know.. It is much better then snow.. 

This is Farm Journal number 5.. 
I am a bit quicker on the draw this time then last.. 
I think only about a week between posts.. 
The thing is that when we were here and I posted last week I left my camera card in the computer and could only take 8 pics until a couple of days ago.. 
We had a town day and I purchased another card just so I could take a few pics for you all.. smile.. 
The above pic is the lace curtains in the livingroom.. I should call this the lace curtain post as there are several more.. grin.. 
We were down to the cottage last weekend and had one of Shonda's dearest friends (Laurie) in for a wee visit.. 
She is a darling and she and Shonda have been friends since grade 2... Anyway, she had read my post the night before and said so seriously..."Faye, do you mean Victorian?"  ... 
Oh my... 
No, dear girls I have not switched to Victorian... 
I did so many of that style of crafts during my hay day in the craft world that the very word makes me cringe.. No offence to you sweet Victorian lovers but I do love lace, roses, potpourri, linens, toile and so on.. But no... no Victorian.. 
Just antiquey.. I don't think that is a word but you get my drift, eh?  
On with the post.. 
The garden is coming along lovely thanks to my dear husband.. 
Please note his BBQ planter of which he is so proud.. 
Full of tomatoes and such.. 

I did a couple of wee changes in the pantry.. 
Can you spy them?  
We brought up the old cupboard from my shop there by the frypans.. 
There is a cutting board that pulls out so you can place something on it to stir or whatever and it has lots of shelves.. 
I do not really have it organized yet but soon, I hope.. 
Oh and a new frying pan holder.. 
So handy .. Terry made me some wire S hook things and so convenient instead of digging and looking for the right size.. 
Redid the pantry window.. 

Almost finished.. 
Blue dishes and cream lace and blue cups hanging at the top.. 
I just need to add a flower to the vase and it should be done.. 
So loving my blues.. 

Brought home this set of blue cutlery from the cottage.. 
A fellow blogger and friend wrote a book called Wren Bay.. 
It is about making a home and her cover photo was cutlery in a lovely mason jar of dried something... 
Our grandsons were up for a day this week and asked me.. 
" Grandma, what is this for?"  
"Oh, just a little project Grandma did to hold the cutlery.. 
"Mmmmm.. nice!"  grin.. 
Here is a sweet pic of her book.. 
You can the info Here..
This is one of my favourite books and I use it kind of like a cook book perse as it is full of recipes and projects.. 
The story is lovely, also.. 

Still taking a drive here and there.. 
And drying flowers ... 

Searching the road sides as we drive along.. 
Do you do that?  

Bought myself a new pair of work gloves.. 
Terry picked me a bunch of Queen Anne's Lace to dry and I picked 32 heads to make jelly.. 
It turned out beautifully and I like it as well or even better then Rose Petal Jelly.. 

The old hutch in the Living Room.. 
Thanks, Sue.. ox
A few more curtain pics.. 
Remember this is just an old house.. 

We have not had time to change dear Aunt Eva's colours in some of the rooms yet.. 
The upstair bathroom is one of those.. 
Hot pink??  grin.. 

Then one of the small bedrooms..
I think the doilie curtain I made last summer is perfect on this window with the colours of the quilt.. 
I wish I could have got a pic of the colours exactly but my camera would not cooperate.. 
No closet doors but the curtain does the trick.. 
Scarlet Runner beans and Green and Wax.... 

We had some wonderful help this week getting the back stoop redone.. 

Hopefully, it will be finished this week.. 
Trev and his sons came for a day and we had a great time.. 

We came home today to stay overnight as Terry and some of the boys went to the races.. 
We brought the truck as he wanted to bring the tiller for the garden he has here .. 
I was waiting for him to come out in the car and noticed he had a passenger... 

Just waiting patiently... 
The dear old 

Well sweeties.. 
This is it for another time.. 
Sorry, I did not have my camera card with me but at least I found a few pics to take.. 

Hope you are enjoying your summer days.. 
They pass so quickly... 
We still have so many projects to do.. 
Preserves will be calling my name soon and although I have finished a few small projects the dear man is taken up with carpentry for now.. 
My bunting, valances, hankie line, bird bath are just sitting and waiting to be put up... 
Next time, perhaps... eh?  

Take care and love love your comments.. 
Please don't mind that I don't get back to you on FB like I used to but usually there is not time.. I do read each and every one and will get my sister to look them up and read them to me.. smile.. 

God bless..